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Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D v6.0 Mod Apk

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D Mod Apk

where you can battle against players around the world! In this FPS stash version you can utilize duplicate square firearms (from tomahawks to marksman) and play with companions on marvelous maps! Join with a huge number of players around the globe! Pick your weapon and begin causing ruin and pulverization in this fight thistle condition of Pixel Fury!


+ Battle against companions with wide assortment of firearms including bazookas, small scale weapon, tomahawks, shotguns, battle rifles, expert marksman, UZI, AK, RPG and numerous other!

+ Earn focuses to open new pixel weapons and characters!

+ Choose between various great FPS diversion methods of DEATHMATCH, TEAM DEATHMATCH and CAPTURE THE FLAG!

+ Customize your character with VAST SELECTION OF DIFFERENT SKINS!

+ Play on AWESOME MULTIPLAYER MAPS IN 3D which are altogether UNLOCKED!

+ Cause HAVOC: Throw explosives, expert sharpshooter the adversary, shoot with bazooka!

Warrior! This is no simple combat zone! You need to free your full fierceness and specialty an impenetrable arrangement to get by in these wars of mass pulverization. Which weapon are your going to pick for survival?

Diverse piece firearms have distinctive capacities, would it be best to execute the adversary with a nearby battle blade or specialty a gun for that? Rifleman him from a separation or douse his survival utilizing a bazooka?

Wowser this, in this present day shooter amusement, sharpshooter is extraordinary for city maps and it is likewise a great gun in group deathmatches. While your cops group keeps running into the thieves swarms with piece knifes, kalashnikovs bursting and RPG wandering, you can kill foes in stealth mode.

Another fiendish art is to sit tight for the burglars to get together in the downtown area and impact them away utilizing a rocket like weapon. Or, on the other hand you can utilize a nearby battle weapon in the quick paced city battles to take the burglars out from a short range. Be that as it may, in the event that you wish to appreciate incredible multiplayer activity in the great old shooting diversions style, pick a colt commando or AK 47 and have a ton of fun shooting!

You need to continually enhance in this shooting amusement, the more wars you survive the more grounded you get. After each match you will increment in encounter, which enables you to make new weapons n skins. You can likewise purchase current weapons and fps enhancers like defensive layer, ammunition and capability to your firearms. Likewise, you can update your guns to enhance ammunition limit, precision and shoot rate.

There are many skins in this pixel shooter, you can play as a general, a zombie, a kid or a cop, whatever comes your psyche! Pick your war skin astutely, a few skins function admirably for evening time maps, mixing in with the war zone n expanding your odds of survival, some simply look extremely cool!

You can shoot the adversaries on various universes! There are fps maps which happen in a forsake or city. You can shoot the burglars during the evening in harbor compartment fields or amid a cold day in an open field or even in space!

Be shrewd picking the best shooting amusement mode for you! Amid deathmatch wars you can shoot all rivals. Get your best weapon out n cause pulverization. It is the survival of the fittest.

Be that as it may, while attempting group deathmatch, do your best to help your military commando! Give them bolster on the war zone utilizing a rocket weapon or bounce into shooter activity with a shotgun!

When you have picked catch the banner mode you need to make a sharp arrangement. Locate the correct harmony between shielding your commando station while as yet endeavoring to catch the looters base. One war strategy is to partition the piece armed force in two. One incredible piece commando will go behind the adversary lines, shooting everybody in the city, while the other commando will watch your banner in full respect!

The front line is yours! Experience a 3D war more than ever! Cause monstrous ruin!

Wide assortment of guns offer you best and marvelous shooting background for a considerable length of time in this universe of activity.

Join Pixel Fury 3D Multiplayer shooter now! Furthermore, get your weapon blasting in huge FPS fight!

Good fortunes, officer!

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  • Free Shopping
  • Free Upgrades
  • Unlimited Gold (increase instead of decreasing)
  • Unlimited Gems (increase instead of decreasing)


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Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D v6.0 Mod Apk




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